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The Opening of Professor Scratch's Flea Circus!

Well, this year my big Christmas Present to myself was my very own Flea Circus.

I've been thinking about this for several years now, ever since I met Katie Kangaroo at an ICBM conference. The idea had appealed to me long before then but Katie told me so much and so I began spending more time with the idea.

As of this coming New Years Eve I will begin offering my own Flea Circus Entertainment under the name of "Professor Scratch."

I've created a new website and I will be doing my first show New Years Eve! I'm very excited to add this to my show offerings. I've never wanted to do "kids magic shows" but doing "kids shows" is something that I've known I would maybe have to do in order to keep building my entertainment business.

As much as I love the coporate gigs and wedding gigs, I go through the occasional dry spell, which I wouldn't have nearly as much if I was willing to take the "kids shows" I usually pass up.

I've never wanted to do magic for kids because magic for kids doesn't interest me and so I don't want to work at it very much. The Flea Circus is a show the interests me and gives me enthusiasm. As such I have the focus I need to produce a worthy and worthwhile show with it.

I'm truly excited about it and I hope you'll all take a peek at what I've got up so far on the web. As you read the site you'll see the kind of humor I am going to inject into the whole thing.

It can be found at:

Thanks all!

Tim "Santiago" Converse

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