mastersantiago (mastersantiago) wrote in magicraconteur,

John Edward is at it again....

Holy crap. He's on TV again. A new series. "John Edward Cross Country." Now he's going every where to get the audiences.

TiVo caught it for me. I'll be letting TiVo know that was a bad thing. "Bad TiVo. Bad bad TiVo."

In the meantime I decided to watch. Definitely the same old tricks which anyone who picks up their first book of "mental magic" would know. Interestingly enough he has a few new tricks for how to pass the buck. At least they are new tricks to my experience.

Okay, I know I don't need to tell all of you this, but I feel a need to state this anyway.

John Edward is a fraud. He can not "speak with the dead." No one can. He is doing nothing more then a battery of well known linguistic tricks and basic salesmanship skills such as active listening. He is using techniques familiar to magicians all over the world.

Don't fall for this crap. Even when I do it as a magician to entertain you, don't fall for it.

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