mastersantiago (mastersantiago) wrote in magicraconteur,

Do not trust Chu's Magic!

I do not trust Chu's Magic!

Why? Because they are SPAMMERS!

I have never bought a single item from Chu's Magic. I never even heard of them until I started recieving advertisements from them. Advertisements for people I've never heard of for material I have no interest in.

The only way they could have gotten my address would be to have bought it from someone else or harvesting it from somewhere.

In any case, SPAMMERS are already annoying enough. Getting SPAM from a business I might have considered doing business with if I had found out about them through legitimate means is not only annoying, but flat out enraging.

I will not do business with Chu's Magic and if you care about your privacy I would suggest that you don't either.

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