Lee Darrow (mstrhypno) wrote in magicraconteur,
Lee Darrow

Entertaining CARLOS MENCIA!

Thursday evening, after his Punisher Concert in Chicago, I got to do a little magic for the man I consider to be the bravest comedian in the world - Carlos Mencia! WHAT a gracious and nice guy he is, too - not to mention that the show was off the hook, da bomb and F^%#in' FUNNY!!!

I got to do my version of Tai Cheat (some of the magi know it as "Crazy Man's Handcuffs") for Carlos, Brad Williams and Carlos' brother Joseph.

Carlos cracked up when I did the effect in HIS hands and Comedy Central TAPED IT!!

What happens next is anybody's guess, but the guy from Comedy Central who did the taping asked for a Performer's Release and said that it COULD wind up on Carlos' page (www.carlosmencia.com) and on his page over at www.comedycentral.com as well!

Talk about One Free Ticket to an Air Walk for a week for this magical dude!!!

THANKS CARLOS, Brad, Joseph and Comedy Central!

You made my anniversary night something to remember!

Lee Darrow
The Interactive Entertainer
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