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Scammers at it again!

Scammers try any number of ways to get your money.  About a year ago I recieved a message which had a number of the tell tale signs of being a scam, but I investigated it just a bit to verify.  Basically the message I recieved said someone was interested in hireing me to entertain at an event, and they were willing to pay for my travel, lodging and everything else along with my services.  It looked potentially like a large paying gig.

I sent back a proposal and promptly recieved a cashiers check in the mail for several thousand dollars over the amount I quoted.

This is, of course, how the scam actually works.   They expect you to call or email them back and say "I'm sorry, but you sent to much money."  They then tell you  it's alright.  They trust you to cash the check and send them back the difference.

Yeah, right.

See, here is the thing.  It's all in the timing.  If you do this relatively quickly then by the time your bank has managed to verify the funds, it's to late.  The check is, of course, a fraud, and the bank will then hold you responsible for all the money including what you sent back to the scammer.

No, I was not caught by this.  I never lost a dime, but I did gather enough information in my dealings with them to open an FBI case.

So, I'm putting the word out there.  If you happen to get a message like the one below, it is a scam.  Don't go there.


Mr Keyshawn Jaxson , recommended us your company Santiago's Magic.
Below you will find a proforma invoice with the full details of our first order.
Please sign and send back to us by fax or email: proforma_invoice.doc

Thank you in advance, and contact us as soon as you can, with a full offer.
Also let us know if the prices you published here at are right or not.

Manager Campbell Nick .
Jaxon & Soons LLC, California
Phone: 795-637-3884
Fax: 395-657-9969
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