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David Copperfield Show

Well, that was wonderful. The last time Roswtr and I saw Copperfield live the show ended in a somewhat unsatisfying way.

What we saw last night was excellent.

Amusingly enough after David appeared on stage (doing Harley's Ghost - appearing in a box with a real Harely Davidson) he opened with the same effect I've been opening my own show with for a couple of years now!

The levitation up through a table was increadible. I have an idea how it could be done, but it whether or not the same method is employed or not I don't know

There was a routine involving "impregnating a woman on stage" which was intended to be comedy. There has been a joke going around on Letterman and Leno and other "Late Night" shows which is basically that Copperfield was going to impregnate a woman on stage without touching her. Turns out there is a trick here. It's really just stage dressing for doing a name and card prediction, but it was kind of creepy since the card revelation was done with what was supposed to be a soni-gram image. This was the big down turn in the show in my opinion and I know I wasn't the only one.

The sleight of hand with a scorpion was interesting to me, but ultimately unsatisfying. It could have been better. All that really occured was that the natural instinct of the scorpion to pinch something was used to reveal a card selected by a spectator.

The lottery number prediction combined with the revelation of a car on stage was utterly beyond brilliant though and true to real Copperfield mystique. Story, presentation and magic were all combined to create a fantastic illusion. What got me the most was the lottery numbers appearing in the metal license plates. More then anything else, that aspect of the illusion blew me away.

The big effect, Transporting himself and an audience member to Perth (yes, around the world), is an effect which sounds good, but is largely impractical on stage. After all, the only thing we know for sure is that we see what appears to be someone on a video link up. But regardless of that, the presentation is well managed. A lot of convincers, a lot of good staging and a very well arranged version of what is basic transposition effect on stage. The first time we saw it, we were not happy, but this time around it was much better. Clearly the result of having performed it for the past few years.

The last effect, vanishing 13 people on stage at once and making them reappear at the back the auditorium was also excellently done.

Copperfield has, over the past several years let more and more of his humor on to stage. He did so by bringing back an old effect using his duck Webster. He also did it by much of the audience interaction he engaged in.

I was pleased with the show and definitely feeling well energized after seeing it.
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