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And so it begins....

A long time project of mine is finally coming to fruition.

I have entered into negotiations with a publisher for my first book; Scrolls.

Scrolls is a collection of magic routines, essays and a one man play of magic effects based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. If all goes well then it will be published sometime in the fall.

I can only begin to scratch the surface on how I feel about this. Every time I have had an article published I have been overjoyed. Being a writer is almost as much fun as being a magician, and I've wanted it for far longer. When some of my essays started to see print I became utterly enthralled with the idea of actually publishing a book. Like many people I've even started half a dozen different novels and like many people those novels remain unfinished.

But creating a book of magic was something different and now, here I am, talking with a publisher!

Wish me luck, and believe me, if this all comes together you can bet you'll be hearing about it and where to buy it!

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