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The Protocols of The Elders of Magic - A Review

If you were not one of the limited 500 people to buy this book, you might be missing out.

On the other hand, I'm willing to bet that there are also a number of people who bought this book who will be disappointed.

I am not one of them.

I won't reveal the contents, but I will tell you about my reactions. Admittedly I have been somewhat excited about seeing this book. The mystery around it's contents, combined with the limited run and the fact that all copies would be autographed made it worth my while to take a gamble and spend the money.

And when I opened it I must admit that the first thought in my head was "where is the signature" followed closely by, "wait a minute... I spent money for this??"

But as I read through it (it took me practically no time at all), I began to realize that Max had a point in putting this material together. Max is to clever by half to have done this as an elaborate prank.

So what am I really supposed to be getting out of this?

Like so many of Max's routines, the outcome depends upon the spectator.

One can choose to see it in a negative light. One can choose to see it in a positive light.

In my case I have decided that not only do I want to see it in a positive light, but I also want to see it as a challenge.

I'd be willing to bet that many of you, magicians who actually care about the "Art of Magic" will decide to see it as a challenge as well.

And that, my friends, is a good thing.


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