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Gothic at Midnight

Santiago's Magic Theater and Wild Babu Productions present

Joshua Kane's

Gothic at Midnight

A Tribute to The Masters of The Macabre!

Join us as we cheer away an evening with tales of revenge, madness and despair. Classically trained actor Joshua Kane, inspired by the old-time radio dramas of Orson Welles and Vincent Price, populates the stage with unforgettable characters, bewitching audiences with a devilish sense of fun and whimsy. Audiences will experience a roller coaster ride of terror and laughter.

Drawing from the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Ambrose Bierce, and other Masters of the Macabre, Kane "amuses you with his antics, frightens you with his intensity and charms you with his tales of the fantastic."

--The Charleston City Paper

For more information or to buy your tickets visit:

Wild Babu Productions

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